Richard Craig


Born in Glasgow, studied flute at the RSAMD with Richard Blake and Sheena Gordon, continuing his studies with Mario Caroli at the CNR Strasbourg, where he attained his spécialisation diplome (contemporary music performance) with unanimité et félicitations du jury.

Formative experiences include working with composers Brian Ferneyhough, James Dillon, Helmut Lachenmann and musicians Mario Caroli, Roberto Fabricciani and Pierre-Yves Artaud. He has been invited to perform with groups such as musikFabrik, Klangforum Wien and ELISION, embarking on several tours with these groups to festivals such as Venice Biennale, Festival d’Automne, UltraSchall, Maerzmusik, the St. Magnus Festival, Wittener Musiktage.

He has recorded and broadcasted for the BBC, WDR Cologne, YLE Finland, Radio France, Radio Nacional de España, Swedish Radio, ARTE, and Icelandic RUV.

Has lived in France and Sweden, currently residing in the UK, although engaged in concerts throughout Europe, as well as being a regular member of CCP (Sweden) and SMASH (Spain). Active primarily as a soloist and chamber musician, Richard dedicates his time to developing new work as well as performing the established repertoire for flute. He was a fellow in performance at the University of Aberdeen from 2009-11, and has lectured on contemporary flute and performance throughout Europe.

In April 2011 his solo disc, INWARD, was released on the metier label, featuring works by Ferneyhough, Sciarrino alongside premieres recordings of Barrett, Bång, Karski, Johnson and Croft. It has since been received to critical acclaim.


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Canción de lo innombrado Hortigüela, Alberto
Canzona di ringraziamento Sciarrino, Salvatore
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Cassandra's dream song Ferneyhough, Brian
Come vengono prodotti gli inca... Sciarrino, Salvatore
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Das Atmende Klarsein (fragment... Nono, Luigi
De siempre y nunca Strauch, Pierre
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des Lallens) que plor e vau ca... Torá, José Luis
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Four crosswords Ribera, Manel
in der bruchlosen Ferne, dans... Torá, José Luis
Kaspar Hauser Lied Torá, José Luis
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La recherche du temps perdu es... Hortigüela, Alberto
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