Trillo-Figueroa, Miguel


Mikael Trillo-Figueroa was born in Northern Sweden, his interest in music increased
in year 1998 when applying to Gotland School of Composition, where he received classes in composition with Sven-David Sandström among others. In his adolescence he got selected to participate in the scandinavian festival UNM (Young Nordic Music Festival), held in Helsinki / Finland where his string quartet Wrapped in Mystery got performed and published by the publish company Uusinta. After three years of studies on Gotland he thereafter applied to the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where he continued his composition studies with Lars Ekström, Pär Lindgren and Bill Brunson. Mikael graduated in year 2007 after several success with culminating works, such as the wind orchestra piece Escher Without Wings (2002) and Spectra (2006) for orchestra.

The following year he moved to Madrid in order to take part in Taller de Sonido y Música para Cine: a workshop focusing on film scoring. In year 2010 he was awarded by the National Academy of Music in Thessaloniki a gold medal of distinction and honor, furthermore a Certificate of Mastery in Composition. He participated as well the same year in NYU Steinhardt’s Film Scoring Workshop in Memory of Buddy Baker in New York, awarded the Charlotte Baker Film Music Scholarship in order to compose a orchestra piece for the well-known introduction of the Universal Pictures Logo and the film Serenity 1M1.

Second Prize Winner in the prestigious composition competition XXII Premio Jóvenes Compositores for RadaRadaR, premiered by Smash Ensemble on the 28th of November 2011 in Auditorio 400 Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, furthermore rewarded a diploma, promoting CD, trophy and 3000 euros. Awarded the Financial Aid Award by the Sally Mead Hands Foundation further to work at the art residency ACA (Atlantic Center for the Arts) in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Participant in Composit 2012: a workshop / festival arranged in Villa Battistini, Italy, supervised by Tristan Murail and Joshua Fineberg.

His music has been performed among others by Sonanza, Gothenburg's Wind Orchestra, Smash Ensemble, L’arsenale, Ensemble Espai Sonor. Spectra has recently won a place on Ablaze Records CD Millenial Master Series Vol.4. Ablaze Records will professionally master and reproduce the original recording in order to promote and sell it globally online, on iTunes and Amazon. Mikael Trillo-Figueroa is a regular collaborator of Verso: one of Spain’s most important disc labels in ancient and contemporary music. Verso are about to record a CD / DVD which will portray the composer’s music within La Fundación BBVA’s project Música Española y Latinoamericana Actual.