Estrada, Iñaki


Iñaki Estrada Torío was born in San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa ( Spain ), in 1977. There, he studied piano, harmony, counterpoint and fugue.

Afterward, he moved to Bayonne, France, where he studied writing, analysis and orchestration. He continued his studies in Paris under the trusteeship of José Luis Campana. With him, he studied Composition and Analysis in the National School of Aulnay Sous-Bois. At the same time, he was enrolled in the National Conservatory of the Region of Boulogne-Billancourt, where he completed studies of Composition and Orchestration.

He was admitted unanimously by the jury of the Superior National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris, studying Composition with Frédéric Durieux; New Technologies applied to Composition (electroacoustics and MaxMSP) with Luis Naón, Yann Geslin and Tom Mays; Analysis with Michael Levinas and Claude Ledoux; Orchestration with Denis Cohen, and Musical Acoustics with the professors of the Laboratory of Musical Acoustics of Paris.

In 2002 he travelled to Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile, invited by the Ensemble Arcema, as lecturer in the Universities of Buenos Aires and Santiago of Chile to explain his music to the students. He also participated in the I Festival SMASH of contemporary music of Salamanca as well as in 3ª Sonorous Mostra the 2007 of the Festival International of contemporary Music of Salamanca, both as a composer and as a pedagogical lecturer.

He has attended numerous lectures and studied privately with accomplished composers such as Michael Jarrell, Mauricio Kagel, Enmanuel Nunes, Marco Stroppa, Alessandro Solbiati. Additionally, he participated in an exchange program at the prestigious Royal College of London.

After having been awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Culture and of La Caixa, he wrote Kiral for Guitar, Violoncelo and electronics as a work framed in the Annual Cursus of Musical Composition of Ircam-Centre the Georges Pompidou. The work was interpreted by Bertrand Chavarría and Eric Maria Couturier with Gregoire Lorieux as musical assistant.

His music has been played in many different countries by great international soloists like Clara Novakova, Eric Maria Couturier, Bertrand Chavarría, André Cazalet, Dimitri Vassilakis. The scores are published by Nouva Edizioni Stradivaius in Milán.

Recently, two of his works, Oreka and Begiratzailearen Nahia, have been recorded by Bertrand Chavarría for 3D Classics in the disc called Bypass 2.1